What If Your Business Started Making Piles of Money to Match the Passion You Put In?

If you've been spinning your wheels just trying to pay the bills, this course will change everything.

Money mojo. Some people are just born with it.

Ever come across that person who’s always been a natural cash magnet?

You know the type: Had a lemonade stand at 6 that turned into a neighborhood empire… Started a fashion line, or raised a million for charity in 9th Grade… Now, helms a famously booming online business.

She’s got the gift of hustle.

But beyond that, an ease with money. No problem paying the credit card bills.

She never spends on junk that isn’t worth it, but never hesitates to whip out her wallet for luxuries that make her happy — because she always has more than enough in to cover the cost.

And there’ll be more where that came from. Plus, plenty for emergencies, a rainy day, a sick month, or retirement. Why?

The profits flow in effortlessly, from work she loves so much, she’d do it for free.

Does that person sound familiar? Like someone you know, or maybe whose blog you follow? Who gets you twisted with envy and comparison-itis?

Well guess what:

That person was NOT me.

…until it was.

Sherold BarrI’m Sherold Barr, creator of SWMM.
I’ve got what you’d call “money mojo,” but I sure wasn’t born with it.

In fact, for years, as a single mom, I worked my tail off in a dead-end job for an inadequate, hopelessly fixed salary.

Today, my finances are a different story.

…And a happy one.

How happy? I’ll share more details later. But let’s just say, so happy that, money-wise, I’m in a position to teach this course purely for the love of it.

Don’t get me wrong. I love creating income.

But the best part is the satisfaction of helping entrepreneurs like you go from struggling to make ends meet and working way too hard…to sure-handed confidence with money and mind-blowing abundance in the bank.

So let’s get to you.

Do these money struggles sound like yours?

You’ve been in business for several years and you’ve taken every class out there, trying to find the magic bullet to get a steady stream of clients so you can have a steady income…

But you’re STILL not making any money.

Or maybe you’re a new coach who’s TERRIFIED to ask for what you deserve (because you don’t feel like an expert… yet…).

BUT if you don’t…

You won’t pay your bills. (And you’ll end up in a van down by the river).

Or you have been successful in your business up to a certain point, and you’re bumping up against your own set point – what you think you can earn (and not the unlimited potential that’s there for you).

Or you think being spiritual is totally at odds with being rich.

What You Haven’t Told Anyone…

Is that you’re thinking of throwing in the towel – that you’re just going to have to give up and get a job.

You’re overwhelmed.

You’re overworked.

You don’t think you have what it takes.

Not only that…

You’re Tired:

TIRED of letting fear of rejection and fear of failure keep you from seizing the big opportunities that come your way.

TIRED of working so hard and the money is STILL not coming in.

TIRED of sabotaging yourself around money — but you have no idea how to stop.

TIRED of discounting your rates if you think a potential client doesn’t have the money to work with you. (You’re not running a charity here – and if you keep doing this, you’ll go out of business.)

TIRED of living in fear around money. Afraid to look at your bank account and your bills.

Ready For Some GOOD news?

It doesn’t have to be like this – there is another way.


YOU’RE CONFIDENT charging premium rates — you KNOW the right people will sign up — and it’s as easy as playing a game.

YOU’RE ENERGIZED — you wake up each morning knowing in your bones the best opportunities will find you today… and that you have the POWER to make everything you touch turn to GOLD!

YOU’RE RELAXED — you trust that money is there for you and you can attract as much as you want whenever you want.

YOU’VE BUSTED THROUGH THE GLASS CEILING – the sky’s the limit when it comes to making money. You know this in your heart — and you BELIEVE it.

YOU’RE GIVING BACK in a way that helps others deeply – and there’s a ripple effect. As you help yourself, you end up helping your family, and other women. And then THEY take that help and turn around to help others. (Which you love!)

All this is possible – even if it feels like a far stretch from where you are now. If you’re ready to put scarcity, hunting for clients, and worrying about where your next paycheck is coming from behind you forever, I have an amazing resource for you…

Johanna Wright“I feel much more empowered. Money is becoming more fun to me now, and I’m seeing money come in a way that I haven’t before!”

Before I took Smart Women Make Money, I was most afraid of not being capable of handling my finances. Now I feel much more empowered and willing to look at my finances.

Plus, the class has helped me face the dark and messy corners of my life. Sherold talks about money as a mirror for other aspects of your life, and this idea really resonated with me. I saw that I was ignoring my finances with my head in the sand, and other messy parts of my life as well. All of the energy that I was spending avoiding these messes was exhausting. This class gave me the support and guidance to face the messes in my life, and clear them away.

I’ve stopped sweeping everything under the rug and assuming that I don’t have the skills and knowledge to plan for and create money. As a result, I’m seeing money come in a way that I haven’t before. Money is becoming more fun to me now. It’s creative and freeing, and much less worrisome.

Empower yourself around money. You’ll be so glad you did. Your whole life will glow!

–Johanna Wright, Artist and Illustrator

What Is The Smart Women Make Money Digital Program?

The Smart Women Make Money digital program (SWMM) is a seven-week online program that will unleash your ability to:

  • stop living in fear with money
  • create a new money story that empowers you
  • charge what you deserve to ask for your products or services
  • make and keep more money

And guess what?  We have some enlightened men who are in the program too!

This is an online class that you can take from anywhere in the world at any time – all you need is an Internet connection. Each week you’ll get one module that includes video lessons, homework and audios delivered to your inbox for each of the seven weeks.

Not sure about this whole manifesting thing?

Then it’s time to get on board, because let me tell you it works. I changed the course of my life and my fortunes, and brought in funds that I’ve never ever dreamed about into my bank account. And I continue to do that with each new business venture. Down below I’ll dig deeper into my story and my track record about how I made these techniques work. But first let’s check out what you’ll learn with Smart Women Make Money. These are strategies that will reset your whole system when it comes to money.

What You’ll Learn:

How to become a money magnet by clearing old beliefs, stressful thoughts and fears.

What your family taught you about money that’s currently sabotaging you and how to get your subconscious mind on board to make more money.

We’re not blaming your parents here, but what they taught you is informing the balance in your low checking account and your mounting debt. Your subconscious mind absorbed what your parents said about money, how they acted with money and what you experienced as a child.  This unconscious script will continue to play out over and over until you learn how to reprogram it. You’ll have better patterns in your life as soon as you become aware how mom and dad are still influencing you today. We can interrupt the pattern and shift it forever.

Money is a mirror. Basically how you do money is how you do everything. For instance, if you’re a penny pincher, you might find that you’re tight with your time and stingy with your affection. We’ll use these clues to unlock the mystery of your money story.

You’ll learn the exact steps you need to take to manifest more money into your life (hint: you’ll have to take action, but I do mean “manifest” – all top earners on a spiritual path get this).

Shelly Van Skyhawk“I’m allowing abundance to come to me easily! I cannot recommend this class highly enough!”

This class is unlike any financial program out there. It is supportive, beyond belief and it gets to the heart of what is driving our relationship of money. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

After taking Smart Women Make Money, I’m a lot more confident in asking for what I’m worth in my business. I’m allowing abundance to come to me easily, rather than following my old limiting belief of “You have to work hard to make money in this world.” I now have an ease and confidence in my interactions with money, whereas my threshold for overwhelm used to be really low. As I think about money situations, I feel an expansion in my chest that lets me know that I feel relaxed and able to move through financial situations in a much more lighthearted way.

This class worked for me because it got to the root issues that were driving my behavior, rather than just telling me to balance numbers and budget expenses.

–Shelly Van Skyhawk, Holistic Health Coach

Rachel Anzalone“I encourage anyone who wants to make lasting change in their financial life to work through Sherold’s process!”

Working with Sherold has been truly enlightening! The Smart Women Make Money program opened my eyes to patterns I’ve been living and reliving for years. It helped me to get to the deep down core of what has been creating financial strain and stress in my life and (most importantly!) changed the way I think and feel about money.

I’m truly grateful for this program and would encourage anyone who wants to make lasting change in their financial life to work through Sherold’s process.

–Rachel Anzalone, Naturopath, Loomis Digestive Health Specialist

Here’s An Overview of The Curriculum

I’ll show you how to break through your money barriers to get out of your own way so that the Universe will help you earn more money, find your true clients and do the work you’re here on earth to do. You’ll map out your money blocks and take immediate steps to remove them.

You will:

  • Discover your money personality and understand its shadow side and how to make it work for you.
  • Reprogram your subconscious mind to help you access your divine power to have more money.
  • Learn how to dismantle any thought or belief that causes you to experience stress, anxiety, frustration, depression or any negative experience and find out what is true for you – this is where you find peace.
  • Forgive yourself from anything you feel ashamed about relating to money. Note: everyone has money shame – you just aren’t conscious of it.
  • Create a new money story – one that’s much more empowering for you and start to live that out.
  • Feel ready to earn – to ask for that raise, stop giving away your services for free, and to charge what you deserve to make.
  • Become a pro at manifesting prosperity and abundance. This module is what separates the women from the girls. You’ll learn the secrets of having a wealthy mindset and understand what successful people do to run a successful business and live a prosperous life.
  • Know how to create your ideal money scenario – visually. A visual representation of what you want to create is key to your success. You’ll do more here than use Pinterest and create a vision board – you’ll create your own painted picture of what you want to achieve.

WEEK ONE: Bold Money Goal/Visioning

Set a Big Bold Money Goal and learn how to write your Ideal Financial Life Plan for 2016. You’ll create a vision board to help you vision your Big Bold Money goal to build revenue, and learn how to invite money into your life – with wide open arms.

WEEK TWO :: Your Inner Money Game

Discover your beliefs. In this module,you’ll learn what you believe is what you create. Uncover your Family Money DNA (your money legacy) and look at your own life to see what patterns you’re unconsciously repeating. Transformation is awareness, understanding and action. You’ll break free of your family’s money legacy and other beliefs to manifest your potential and take action. I teach you the “thought model” of what you believe is what you’ll create. This is the MOST powerful module that will shift more than your money life.

WEEK THREE :: Your Money Relationship

Money shame impacts all of us. You’ll work with a partner on your money shame so that you forgive yourself. Recall the “defining moments” in your money relationship, examine your current financial reality, and bravely confront your Inner Bag Lady – your personal worst case scenario. Forgiveness is what it’s all about.

WEEK FOUR :: Your New Money Story

Rewrite your thoughts about your capacity to earn, save, and spend wisely – and create a fresh set of beliefs and guideline principles, for your New Money Story. You’ll get conscious about your own money story and take immediate action to write a new money story that feels great to you – something you want to live out.

WEEK FIVE :: Conscious Money Practices

Find out your money personality and understand the shadow side and how it is helping or hindering you. Are you a saver, a spender, a miser or an ostrich with your head in the sand? It’s up to you to create a positive story you want to live out. You’ll learn how to create a balanced money plan for spending and saving, and learn how to find your money leaks.

WEEK SIX :: Manifesting Money

Earn, baby, earn! Apply the Law of Attraction to your bank account, learn techniques and tools to become a money magnet.

WEEK SEVEN:: Entrepreneurs Make Money

Learn how to sell yourself and your product or service. This is the missing link no one teaches us women. You can be fabulous at online marketing, but can you sell yourself and do it with confidence? Are you giving your services away for free and undervaluing what you offer? Not after you take this module.

Here’s What’s Included:

  • Seven weeks of rock solid content on the secret “inner game” to making more money
  • You’ll experience the powerful The Work of Byron Katie to learn how to open your mind and release old beliefs or stressful thoughts that cause you to suffer emotionally.
  • Weekly motivating assignments to walk you through the process of clearing money blocks, busting your family legacy stories around money, creating your own money story that helps you reap the financial rewards the Universe wants to send you.
  • Exclusive access to interviews with women who are masters with the energy of money, using the emotional freedom technique to tap out money fears and limiting beliefs, and financial wisdom from some of the best in the field. **This is hot! It really helps to hear the stories of other women who have gone before you on this path.

Exclusive Guest Expert Interviews

Amanda Steinberg

Amanda Steinberg

Founder & CEO of Daily Worth

“Getting Money Clarity”

Monica Shah

Monica Shah

Founder of Revenue Breakthrough

“Pricing Perception &
the Importance of Looking at Your Numbers”

Carol Look

Carol Look

Founder of Attracting Abundance

“How to Tap Out Money Beliefs & Stress with EFT”

Hillary Rubin

Hillary Rubin

Creator of The Art of Becoming
a Coach

“Authentic Sales Techniques that Help You Serve Your Clients”

Maria Nemeth, PhD

Maria Nemeth

Author of The Energy of Money
“The Energy of Money”

Tara Gentile

Tara Gentile

Creator of Kick Start Labs
“Why You Shouldn’t ‘Charge What You’re Worth'”

Mayuri Onerheim

Mayuri Onerheim

Author of Money, Spirituality & Consciousness

“Money, Spirituality & Consciousness”

Shenee Howard

Shenee Howard

Brand Chemistry Expert
“The 100 People Project”

Ali Rittenhouse

Ali Rittenhouse

Digital Diva
“The Importance of a Sales Funnel”


Kylie Patchett

Kylie Patchett

Founder of Destination Delicious

“Authentic Selling”


Kelly Alford“I’m in control with my finances and able to attract great abundance”

After taking Smart Women Make Money, I’m thinking much more clearly about my relationship to money. I can link my money story directly to my worries about money. Working with Sherold, I received suggestions for concrete steps I could take to regain control of my financial life. As a result, I feel more in control now with my finances and able to attract great abundance into my life.

I now understand that we all have a money story, and until we understand it, we will not gain control over our money.

–Kelly Alford, Designer, founder of IOTA and The Whole Works

Cheryl Haezebroeck“This class changed my life!”

Before taking Smart Women Make Money, my level of fear around money was huge! I just wanted it to all go away. When I thought about even looking at my financial situation I was miserable. The really amazing mix of information, coaching, worksheets, and interviews in the class gave me the resources I needed, but also the incentive and desire to tackle my fears.

As a result of this class I’m tracking my spending. I know what money I have, where it is, and I have taken the responsibility to care for it. And I now have a financial planner to help me meet my goals! I even have a weekly Money Day, and I no longer dread taking care of my financial life.

I highly recommend this class to any woman with any fears about money. It is also perfect for anyone afraid to make money or to ask enough for their work.

If you want wonderful ideas about how to find financial freedom – take this class. If you want to know how to manifest a life that gives you what you need and want – take this class!

–Cheryl Haezebroeck / Interior Designer & Life Coach

But, Hold Up. Who Am I And Why Do I Know How To Do This?

The wonderful Sherolf Barr by VEV Studios vevstudiosportland.com

That’s me, Sherold Barr.

And for eight years, I was a single mom with a young son, where I worked my way into a PR job at a hospital. While I was happy to have a good job with benefits, I was frustrated because I had a set salary and even with a promotion, I barely increased my salary.

I didn’t know how to ask for raise to match the value I was providing. During my eight years at that job, I watched other women consistently getting raises and advance in their careers.

What secret did they know but I didn’t?

I worked “hard” for that salary. I settled for what I was given. I wasn’t earning up to my ability and potential in that job.

Then I had two back surgeries – my body just gave out from being a single mom, working “so hard,” and being so scared that I wasn’t “good enough” even through I was one of five employees out of 120 with a top performance review!

All of us experience the thought or belief that we’re not expert enough, smart enough, good enough. This is a Universal belief every one of us has, by the way. Under all of our self-doubt is this shameful concept. And it drives our behavior, which gives us the results we have in our life today.

While I was recovering at home from my surgery, I made a decision.

I couldn’t live like this anymore. It wasn’t worth it. The stress, working that hard, feeling like I was getting passed up for raises (letting someone ELSE control my earning potential)… all of that had taken its toll on my body. And my body was broke.

And then I asked myself: What can I do?

My job felt like a dead-end, so I made a plan that I would leave my job. I started freelancing, I fixed up a studio behind our house. I did the “If you build it they will come dream” and created a place to do my work.

It wasn’t overnight, but it happened.

By using principles I’ll share with you, I was able to tap into the power of manifesting more than I EVER thought was possible:

  • Working from a small studio behind our home, I started freelancing and grew into my own boutique PR firm that grossed $457,000 in its fourth year of business.
  • I turned our $200k real estate investment into a $550,000 profit over the next 10 years by buying and selling condos for us.
  • I manifested the opportunity to buy a million dollar condo overlooking the city of Portland, OR with 1000-square- foot deck overlooking a park and Mt Hood and Mt. St. Helens. *The builder promised this condo to another couple but it became ours.
  • Now I realize that it’s not the money but the money mindset that has allowed me to manifest my dreams that came with these same principles I teach.
  • Now I’m in my second successful business and I get to live location independent during the year in Baja, Mexico, or take a three-week vacation in Africa and work according to my own pace when I want and where I want.

Smart Women Make Money Is For You If:

  • You’re ready to ditch the money drama.
  • You’re ready to take back your power and be in charge of your money.
  • You’re ready to build a business with a consistent stream of income.
  • You want to play a bigger game in life and business.
  • You want to work with the Universe to remove all the blocks and ways you self-sabotage yourself with money.
  • You want to become a money magnet.

Please don’t join Smart Woman Make Money If:

  • You like to complain without doing anything to change your situation.
  • You think you can have what you want – and always feel comfortable.
  • You would rather whine than look at how you create your own reality.
  • You believe that you have bad luck and you can’t make money.
  • You aren’t ready to face your money fears and break through to the Freedom that is waiting for you!

If you’re ready to take the bull by the horns and take control of your life, read on…

I invite you to DECIDE it’s time that you are ready to earn more money and take responsibility for your destiny. Starting with your money.

Smart Women Make Money will change the way you think about money, behave with you money and how you ask for money. If you are ready to take the leap and blow the doors off what you think you can earn, the step-by-step plan is just one click away…

Shannon Falkenstein's Smart Women Make Money TestimonialThe shift is occurring. Clients and students are showing up.

Not out of nowhere, but via the channels that are miraculously opening up. I feel so confident and FOCUSED! And some relationships that used to be unbearable are suddenly… kinda fun! I LOVE INNER WORK! It is so powerful!

– Shannon Falkenstein, Executive, Career and Life Coach

Choosing thoughts that empower

Other courses give you practical tips and strategies for making money. And I’m all for it. But those tips and strategies won’t work if your mind is telling you that making money is bad, shameful, or selfish.

Maybe you’ve experienced this already – no matter what actions you take – it just doesn’t work.

This is because your beliefs are in CONFLICT. And until you learn how to question a long-held belief – one that you might have grown up with for so many years – that subconscious “program” will keep sabotaging you over and over again.

The good news is there is a simple way to turn this around.

You CAN open your mind to your truth. You can learn to notice when you’ve got a belief that is getting in your way. And you don’t always need a coach to shift it – you can actually shift it yourself.

That’s what you’ll learn how to do in Smart Women Make Money.

Plus, you will:

  • Learn how to use inquiry to question your most deeply held belief that is sabotaging your behavior.
  • Discover the inner game secrets of how millionaires make millions.
  • Create a clear vision of success, you’re more likely to achieve your desired goal. What could be achieved in the next 3 years – your money vision.

Imagine what it would feel like if you could clear your money blocks, raise your rates, never barter to give your services away for free again and make the money you deserve?

The women who’ve been in this program have taken it over and over again for FREE and have made INCREDIBLE progress!

Richa Sehgal“Smart Women Make Money gave me the confidence and courage to get control of my financial situation.”

Even though I’m an empowered woman when it comes to how a woman should be treated and respected, there was something that was lacking in me that was taking my confidence away. I had not taken any control of handling my own finances all because there was a fear of money.

I was scared to look at how much I earned for fear that it may be too much. I had a fear that if a person has too much money, others will not want to associate with you, or would brand you as one from the high-class society that gets sneered at. This feeling stems from childhood.

I wanted to change all that, to be in control of my life, and my financial life.

Smart Women Make Money gave me the opportunity to learn about money and to look at money with love and compassion. I loved to listen to Sherold’s lectures, read through the trainings, watch her videos and do the homework because Sherold just asked us to be kind to ourselves and let the fear dissipate.

With the support of my husband and Sherold’s class, I took steps to find out about our money situation. I know now that the class has given me the confidence and courage to get control of my situation. I am getting better at handling finances and learning to be kind to myself instead of shaming and blaming myself for not doing anything for years.

–Richa Sehgal

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

I want you to know that I believe so much in my class and what you’ll get out of it that I’ve put in place a 100% risk-free, no-questions asked, 30-day money back guarantee. If you do your part and watch the videos and listen to the audio classes, do the homework, and still find that this class doesn’t help you, then I don’t want to keep your money. Just email us and we’ll refund your money.

My Promise To You

I won’t promise that I’ll slash your debt to zero in 30 days, or that you’ll quadruple your income in seven weeks. Both of those things are entirely possible, of course – but they’re yours to define & control.

What I CAN promise is this:

When you take this program & do the work, you’ll absorb the most powerful and spiritual + neurological tools to transform your beliefs about money.

And when you transform your beliefs, your behaviors come along for the ride. That’s how lasting change works – it becomes a life practice.

Take one courageous step towards affluence, empowerment & financial freedom, with SMART WOMEN MAKE MONEY.

Yes Sherold! I want to change my money mindset!

When you sign up for Smart Women Make Money digital, you’ll get access to the first module right away. Each week you’ll receive an email letting you know that your next module in the classroom is ready for you to work through.

What’s it worth to you to become empowered with money once and for all?

What’s it worth to you to stop stressing out about money?

Are you ready to BUST through your inner Glass Ceiling and BELIEVE that you have what it takes to bring in the money you deserve?

Anne Marie Polich“My CPA husband was SHOCKED at how much I’d asserted myself and taken over over finances!”

Sherold inspired me to take charge of my own money life. I did a lot to get clear of my money situation – we changed out wills, closed stock market accounts and put the money in mutual funds, stopped a couple of unnecessary payments (for disability insurance I no longer needed and a couple of monthly services), put all payments on automatic bill pay so that I know they’re paid on time, created a system to get monthly statements via email so I can reconcile each month. That is very empowering. I wouldn’t have been so assertive if I hadn’t been coached by Sherold.

–Anne Marie Polich, life coach/college entrance coach

Jodi Salata“I’ve been very emotional working through my painful beliefs about money but am now lighter and freer.”

Our fears feed on darkness and knowing our money situation is always better and actually less scary. Knowing that money is energy and the Universe is abundant. I knew both these things but Smart Women Make Money deepened my knowledge and I’m seeing it from another perspective.

–Jodi Salata, Life Coach

What will it cost you
to wait and not take this program?
Start NOW
and change your money relationship for good.

Your money is a mirror for everything else in your life.
And when you face what you fear most, your soul revolution begins.

Sarah Dedmon“I manifested paid writing jobs and more money seems to be coming into my life!”

I plugged up my money leaks, and my schedule is busier but it doesn’t feel like effort. I really liked the information Sherold shared of her own experiences with manifesting, and her own beliefs about it. As a result of Smart Women Make Money, I manifested some paid writing jobs. I feel more upbeat about working with our money restrictions, and more money seems to be coming into my life.

–Sarah Dedmon, writer

Denise Tilley“I broke through the barrier of shame …to open my heart and mind to build a rock-solid foundation of wealth consciousness.”

Participating in Smart Women Make Money was the first time I broke through the barrier of shame in openly and honestly discussing my money issues and how I felt about them. It was the beginning of my journey to really learn about what limiting beliefs I have held around money and other areas in my life.

Since that class, I’ve consistently continued to study and learn more about money and how to reframe my limiting beliefs to support me. My anxiety around money is significantly less. I have a much clearer vision of the steps that are required of me to create financial freedom. I’m so grateful to Sherold to opening-up my heart and my mind simultaneously so that I could begin to build a rock-solid foundation of wealth consciousness. I find her holistic approach to be deeply authentic, incredibly thorough, and full of empathy and professionalism.

This course is a must for any woman who struggles with money issues AND desires to create financial freedom for herself.

–Denise Tilley, founder of Tilli Bespoke Hats

Michelle Reinhardt“It’s a full spectrum, awesome and comprehensive class.”

I’ve taken a lot of concrete actions in my personal life and business since taking the Smart Women Make Money class. Working through some major blocks in class definitely helped me move forward little by little.

One of my favorite things that Sherold said that really stuck with me was that the ‘Universe is kind’–it helped me get some major perspective and instigated a big shift for me.

Sherold has a unique, extensive and incredibly supportive method of looking at money. I loved the way we looked at our money story first and then moved into how to rebuild and tools to use manifesting, tapping, and The Work of Byron Katie.

–Michelle Reinhardt, coach


Smart Women Make Money FAQs

Q: How do I know if Smart Women Make Money is right for me?

The people who reap the most benefit from SWMM are those that feel a deep calling for a breakthrough in their relationship with, feelings about, and approach to money.

This might be someone who has achieved significant success, but wants to break through to the next level.

Or this might be someone who is just beginning to explore what it might be like to have a healthy relationship with money and abundance… but is ready and open to learning the step-by-step methods to breaking old patterns and fostering new ones.

Most of all, you’ll know SWMM is right for you if you know deep down that you’re not fully stepping into your power with your finances, or that you’re shying away from even approaching your money potential, out of fear, old conditioning, or just plain uncertainty about what to do if you got it!

If you identify with that, and there’s a part of you that deeply understands that there’s a better, more abundant, fuller way to experience life, business, and your relationship to money — there’s a really good chance that you are exactly the person that SWMM is for!

Q: What else should I know to determine if SWMM is right for me?

This isn’t the right course for you if you know that you’re not ready to take action to change your situation. I’ve put together a one-of-a-kind course with first-class resources and step-by-step content to help you if you’re ready to take action… but, of course, I can’t take the actions for you. You’re the only one who can do that.

If you tend to make excuses, put up a lot of resistance and skepticism, or question each of the suggestions you’re given, it is important that you know SWMM would be a waste of your time. The fact is that SWMM works best if you’re ready to say YES to taking action, take the steps that will change your situation, and face the temporary discomfort of change so that you can reach the breakthroughs you most deeply desire!

Q: What materials come with SWMM? Do you mail them to me? Do I have to pay a bunch extra for shipping?

No — no hidden shipping fees and no waiting anxiously for the mailman to arrive!

All of your SWMM materials are digital, so that you’ll be able to access them from wherever you’re at in the world.

When you purchase, you’ll get a confirmation email.  You’ll also get to set up your user name and password to the private SWMM digital classroom right away.

Each week, you’ll receive an email letting you know that your next Module is ready. You’ll be able to log in to the SWMM digital classroom, access your materials for that Module, and work through them, as well as discuss them with your fellow SWMM classmates in the private online community. You’ll receive a new email and Module each week for seven weeks.

Q: Time is tight for me right now… what if I don’t get through all of the materials? Will I lose access to them?

Not at all. Once you’re a SWMM member, you have LIFETIME ACCESS to the materials. That means you can keep returning to the course materials again and again. And as past students will tell you, you’ll pick up something new from them each time you return to them!


Q: How do I access the course? Do I have to be a tech guru to access it?

No advanced degrees in technology required!

When you enroll, you’ll set up your own username and password for accessing our private digital classroom. Each and every step of the course will become available to you online, in the form of a video, audio, document, or link. You’ll be able to access the materials on any of your preferred devices, including computer, iPad, iPhone, other smartphones, whatever you choose.

And, of course, if you run into any technical problems, you can email us, and we’ll always be happy to help you out.


Q: Do you offer refunds?

I put my heart and soul into my work, and I want you to know that I stand behind this course completely. So here is my commitment to you: If you do your part and attend the classes, do the homework, and participate in the exercises, and still find that this course does not help you, then I don’t want to keep your money. I know that if you follow this course, it works.

If within 30 days of the date of your purchase, you’re unsatisfied, email us and we’ll refund your money.

Q: I’m ready to say YES to SWMM… what’s my next step?

It’s an easy one! Just click on the green “Get It Now!” button below to select your payment option: payment in full now, or paying in three installments.

I can’t wait to see you in the course!

To your freedom,